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Do you administer medications?


Yes! We are not able to provide care for pets who don't like being handled or do not take their medication. Your pet’s health is our main priority and sometimes at-home care is not the best option.

Do you administer medications?2023-05-18T15:08:26+00:00

How do overnights work?


We offer two options for overnights. Our first option is from 7pm-8am with a midday visit and our second option is all day and night sitting. Both options will schedule one of our team members to stay in your home and help care for your furry friend. We will help with feeding, walking, potty breaks,

How do overnights work?2023-05-18T15:07:45+00:00

How far in advance should I schedule?


For pet sitting requests we ask clients to book 1-2 months in advance. For any dog walking service, a week ahead. Our schedules fill up quickly, so we recommend planning ahead of time.

How far in advance should I schedule?2023-05-18T15:06:10+00:00

I have a special needs pet, can you help?


Some of our team members are experienced with administering medication and much more. Please contact us!

I have a special needs pet, can you help?2023-05-18T15:05:28+00:00

Do you work on Holidays?


Yes we do! We ask to book your services ahead of time. We do charge an extra holiday fee to thank our team members for working on major holidays.

Do you work on Holidays?2023-05-18T15:04:33+00:00

Are meet and greets required?


Yes! Before we book any service, a meet and greet can be arranged. During this time we will go over all important details and our client contract. We want to make sure we are the right fit for you. Our meet and greets are priced just like our 30 minute visits ($25).

Are meet and greets required?2023-05-18T15:03:10+00:00

Do you have any hidden or extra fees?


Depending on the type of medication we have to administer, there may be a medication fee of $2 or $3 extra per service. We also charge a holiday fee on major holidays like New Years Eve, Fourth of July, Easter, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Thanksgiving.

Do you have any hidden or extra fees?2023-05-18T15:01:57+00:00

How do we receive updates?


We use a modern pet sitting software that is trusted by thousands of pet companies which allows clients to see when each sitter checks in and checks out. All of the services are GPS tracked using google maps!

How do we receive updates?2023-05-18T15:01:10+00:00

Do I get the same sitter each time I book a service?


During a meet and greet you will meet Gricel and all other team members that will be assisting during the service you requested. We typically like to have 1-2 team members as backups, so that they can fill in when your regular sitter is not available. We will never change sitters without asking you ahead

Do I get the same sitter each time I book a service?2023-05-18T14:54:47+00:00

How do we become a client?


Please submit a request on our website with information about your pet’s needs. If we are a good fit, we will contact you to book a meet and greet. Meet and greets typically take around 30-45 minutes. We prefer to book a meet and greet 7-10 days in advance. Once a meet and greet is

How do we become a client?2023-05-18T14:54:48+00:00
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